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Reviewed By Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

Tilly’s Adventures in Cheyanne Forest is the first book in the Cheyanne Forest Trilogy by Catharina Steel. Tilly is excited to visit Opa, her grandfather, and spend some days in his secluded home in Cheyanne Forest alongside her cousins, Jess and Zach. However, after the kids arrive at Opa’s, they are surprised to discover that Cheyanne Forest is full of magical creatures and derived its name from a nineteenth-century explorer who was last seen a hundred years back. Trained by Opa’s friends in the art of goblin fighting and potion making, Tilly, Jess, and Zach take it upon themselves to search for Cheyanne in the Deep Forest and retrieve his collection of mysterious books. But doing so brings them into direct confrontation with Cleo, the evil witch, and a host of other creatures.

A fun-filled fantasy adventure for preteens, Tilly’s Adventures in Cheyanne Forest is a stellar start to what seems to be an entertaining adventure trilogy for kids. Readers who enjoy Harry Potter or mystery book series like The Famous Five will have a great time reading this book. Author Catharina Steel wastes little time in setting up the characters and the plot, moving the narrative at a brisk pace to keep you hooked throughout the pages. The characters are quirky and vibrant. Their colorful personalities leave a mark on you and make them thoroughly entertaining to read. Tilly, Jess, Zach, and Opa are likable characters you find easy to root for. Recommended to kids who love fantasy adventure stories.

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