Tilly and the Hidden Elves

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Action, adventure and magic – a brilliant read!

Tilly and the Hidden Elves is the second book in the Cheyanne Forest trilogy.

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Action, adventure and magic – a brilliant read!

A delightful book.

Tilly and her twin cousins, Jess and Zach, head back to Cheyanne Forest to see Cheyanne, Opa, and their forest friends.

Cheyanne tells them about some hidden elves. He believes that the evil witch wants to find them so she can access their ancient magic.

They head back into the Deep Forest to find out more about the hidden elves and the witch’s plans.

Can Tilly, Jess and Zach find the hidden elves to warn them of the evil witch’s plans?

Dimensions19.8 × 12.9 × 1.3 cm

7-13 years, 5+ Read aloud





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