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Tilly and the Battle of the Elves

Tilly is a strong female role model.

A fantastic introduction to the fantasy genre for primary school/middle grade readers. 

Tilly and her forest friends help the Hidden Elves prevent Timitus, the King of the Evil Elves, from attempting to take over the world. Will they be successful?

Tilly and her twin cousins, Jess and Zach, head back to visit Opa at Cheyanne Forest. Tilly is nervous and excited to be going on yet another adventure.

They hope to change Cleo, the evil witch, back to her good self by slipping a potion, which they created during their last visit, into her.

They also hope to convince the goblins of the Deep Forest to switch to their side.

A battle between the Hidden Elves and the Evil Elves is eminent. The Evil Elves plan on taking over the world, but it would be the end of all the mythical creatures, if they were to attempt to achieve that.

“Young readers of Enid Blyton will treasure their journey to Cheyanne Forest for the third time. Tilly, Zach, and Jess join their magical friends to face the dark forces of the forest, and learn a little more about themselves along the way. The Cheyanne Forest trilogy books are a fantastic introduction to the fantasy genre for Primary school readers.”

Emma Dobinson, Flying Pants Editing

“The final novel in Catharina Steele’s enchanting Cheyanne Forest trilogy dives the reader headfirst into a battle of good versus evil. Tilly’s adventure into the Cheyanne and Deep Forests, surrounded by family and magical friends, reaches its final, thrilling conclusion in Tilly Helps the Elves. Highly recommended for readers who want strong female role models, and if you love fantasy, you will adore these books!”

Lucinda Dodds, Flying Pants Editing

Tilly and the Hidden Elves

Action, adventure and magic – a brilliant read! 

Tilly and her twin cousins, Jess and Zach, head back to Cheyanne Forest to see Cheyanne, Opa, and their forest friends and to find out what Cheyanne knows about the evil witch’s plans.

Cheyanne tells them about some hidden elves and that the evil witch wants to find them so that she can access their ancient magic.

They head back into the Deep Forest to find out more about the hidden elves and the witch’s plans.

Can Tilly, Jess and Zach find the hidden elves to warn them of the evil witch’s plans?

“When Tilly returned home at the end of Tilly’s Adventures in Cheyanne Forest, the seeds of adventure to come were planted. Would the Hidden City of the Elves be revealed? Would Cheyanne recover? And what of the evil witch, Cleo? Book two does not disappoint – back In Cheyanne Forest, Tilly, her cousins, and a host of magical creatures set out to uncover the mysterious and intriguing Hidden City. Action, adventure and magic – a brilliant read!”

Emma Dobinson and Lucinda Dodds, Flying Pants Editing

I wish it wasn’t a trilogy, more books would be nice.

Jessica W.

Tilly’s Adventures in Cheyanne Forest

A fantasy novel full of thrilling adventures with valuable life lessons for children.

Tilly goes to stay at great, great, great…grandpa’s place with her cousins Jess and Zach where they go on adventures, meeting all types of magical creatures, along the way.

They discover that Cheyanne, who the Forest is named after, went missing almost a 100 years ago, and is still thought to be alive.

They enter the Deep Forest to search for him and risk the Evil Witch and other evil creatures of the Deep Forest to do so.

Will Tilly and her cousins be able to save Cheyanne from the Evil Witch before she catches them?

“This is a fabulous adventure if you’ve got any kids who love Harry Potter and Enid Blyton (and let’s face it, what child doesn’t love these books?) – heaps of fun!”

Lucinda Dodds, Flying Pants Editing

Tilly’s Adventures in Cheyanne Forest is such an amazing trilogy. There are so many twists and turns on cliff hangers! Every time I put down the book, I start to imagine what will happen next, who will they encounter or what!? I love this book so much and can’t wait to read the sequel! I don’t want to give away any spoilers except for one, this is a really good book!

Matilda T.

Catharina Steel and the worlds she writes in…

Catharina Steel developed the magical world of Clayton Forest, Wythic Wood, and the Hidden Forest which is where Tilly and her twin cousin’s, Jess and Zach, go on adventures.

She is in the process of developing her second series, The Kinesis’ which is set in a magical world that replaces Earth.

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