Library Legal & Donating

As a self-published author, it’s up to me to ensure I’m aware, and understand, all the legal requirements of an author.

Australian Legal Requirements

Since I live in Australia, I’m required by law to deposit an electronic format of my books to the National Library of Australia.

If you don’t have an electronic format, there’s a process for providing a printed version.

However, it’s much more cost efficient and easier to upload an electronic format of your book.

With the technology available to us today, and with the demand increasing for eBooks, I think it’s important to have eBook versions. However, if you don’t have an eBook version, you can upload the PDF print internal layout onto the website, which would also meet both your commonwealth and state/territory requirements under Australian law.

Australian Copyright Act 1968

Australian law requires Australian residents who’ve published books to deposit a copy to the National Library of Australia. The preferred format is electronic. This is covered under the Copyright Act 1968. Here is a link if you need it:

This process also covers you for your state/territory requirements. It’s basically a one-stop-shop. (The Government now and then tries to make our lives a little easier when it comes to complying with legal requirements.)

Here is another useful link for Western Australia authors: Legal Deposit in Western Australia PDF web info sheet.

Donating Books to Libraries

As I’m a new author, I’m searching for ways to get my name as an author recognised/established. One of the areas I’m looking into is donating copies of my books to libraries.

The idea behind this is to increase your audience base beyond that of the online stores. (Online stores are the easiest place to start with as a new author. It’s difficult to get your books into local bookstores, and since you need to promote that your book is available to buy at these stores, and they take a large portion of the profits, the reality is, there are better, more profitable, and easier ways to sell your books.)

In addition to giving copies to a number of libraries (this is a marketing expense), you can inquire at your local, and surrounding areas as well, about doing a book reading, or hosting a lecture there (perhaps a writing class for mums). It’s just another way to start building your reputation as an author, and the reality is, it’s your author-name that will sell your books, so anything which helps to build it up is worth considering.

Here is an article which details what you need to do to get your book into libraries and why it matters… keep in mind this is based on the US market, so you’ll need to adjust it for your residential requirements.

Happy Library hunting…